Writing Decisions

As I sit here contemplating what I want to do with my writing career, I’m humbled by what it takes to become a quality author. Not only does it take dedication to put the words on paper that make the characters come alive, but it also takes work to bring the idea to fruition in the form of a finished book. With “The Johnson Family Chronicles: Changing Currents ~ Changing Tides” historical fiction novel finally published and on sale, I’ve taken the time to start thinking about the future of my writing career.

I have determined that I would like to become a full-time author and historian no matter what it takes and in that regard, my goal is to work towards replacing the income I earn in my day job with the income from my various writing projects. I’m working on the second book in the Johnson Family Chronicles series and I want to do an anthology of biographical sketches and audio interviews of the men and women of the Greatest Generation and beyond. My goal is to travel and interview as many of the remaining World War II veterans as possible and tell their stories in a written anthology. I not only want to interview the combat soldier, but I want to interview the service and support soldiers as well. During World War II, it took 10,000 service and support soldiers to provide everything that each line soldier needed to fight and win the battle. The window is rapidly closing and in order to fulfill my dream of saving their stories, I really need to start moving on my idea. After I’ve interviewed and recorded the stories of WWII soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, I want to interview those men and women of the “Forgotten War”, Korea because their stories are just as important.

This journey that I am undertaking will be a long one, but I know that in the end, it will allow me ultimately to fulfill my dream of telling the stories of our parents and grandparents while they are still with us. I hope you will become a patron and help me along the path of preserving the past for the sake of future generations. Thank you so much for your support.

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