Unique Perspective – That is Why You Should Hire Me

Welcome, I am author and historian Stan Cromlish. Here you will learn why my unique life experiences and unique style are the perfect fit for your writing needs.

I always have enjoyed putting keystroke to screen or pen to paper, and I can turn a phrase in such a manner that readers can understand the point I am trying to make regardless of the topic. My primary area of expertise is in early 20th Century American history and both theatres of World War II. I have studied not only the Allied perspective of the war but also German and Japanese perspectives. Not only can I deliver a hard-hitting essay or feature article on the war, but I also have access to survivors of the conflict who can give their unique perspective of what they endured. The war and its participants are just a small group of topics I can cover.

In 2016, I visited Hawaii, and that completed my travels to all fifty of the United States. From a small boy, my grandparents and my uncle gave me the gift of travel and showed me that sites off the beaten path are really where the road begins. Solo travel is my preferred method because I can end up anywhere and with no schedules other than plans I make to enjoy events on specific dates and at particular times. I can write how-to articles on the art of traveling on a budget or I can produce a piece on the must-see attractions of our 50 United States.

Beyond travel and history, I have educated myself in life pursuits I enjoy which include fishing, hunting, dog training, and stamp collecting. In 2008, my Labrador Retriever, Ryder, won an Upland Classic Series National Championship and my Labrador Retriever, Bella, was the Quail Unlimited Flushing Dog of the Year. Those dogs and I spent the better part of two years traveling the width and breadth of this great nation competing and hunting in some of the best quail and pheasant areas in the country. For most of my life, if I wanted to try something, I gave it 100% and learned everything I could about it. So, if you need an article on the difference between a professional football player and a professional rodeo cowboy, I can give you that too. I tried to be a bareback and bull rider in several rodeo associations but broke more bones than I broke horses or bulls. So, I understand what it takes to make a living in the toughest eight seconds in sports.

My unique perspective of someone who has dabbled in many different areas and who has become an expert in a few including American history, travel, dog training, politics, and software development will give your article or e-book the rare combination of varied life experiences with informed understanding. I look forward to helping your business reach its full potential, and I am available for by-line and ghost-writing opportunities. Thank you for visiting my website. You can view some writing samples on my portfolio page.