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Belmont Needed A Public Library

In this era of the Internet, finding the information you need is usually just a few keystrokes away on your search engine of choice. If you want to read the latest Gastonia Gazette or Charlotte Observer without a subscription to the physical paper, all you have to do is open your browser and go to the website of those papers, and you have instant access to the latest news. But, there was a time when the information for your school project, books, and other information was only available at your local library, college libraries, or the ultimate United States Library, the Library of Congress. If you have lived in Belmont, you have probably passed the Belmont Branch of the Gaston County Public Library System on Central Avenue, but that was not the original location nor has Belmont, in its 122-year existence, always had a library. In 2017, it would seem preposterous for a city to not have a public library for the community to use for research and school projects, but for Belmont, that was the case until 1937.…

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