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Belmont Historical Society and a Brief History of Belmont

Many of you know how much I admired Bobby Brown, but few know the impact that he had on the community of Belmont through his devotion to the foundation of a historical society so that people would be able to “preserve the past for the sake of the future”. Preserving the past is what the historical society is all about, and its founders and members have worked diligently to put together a museum of artifacts that are meaningful to the history of Belmont. Without these like-minded individuals, Belmont’s past after a period would have been forgotten. The further time moves away from events and eras; the less people remember those things that helped mold, shape, and determine the destination that we have arrived at today.

Textile manufacturing is a classic example of this idea of forgetting the past and only looking at the present and the future. While many people remember that Belmont was built on textiles, people tend to lose sight of the impact that Belmont and Gaston County textiles had on the nation and the world. …

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