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National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific – Slideshow

Here are all the images from my visit to the Punchbowl National Cemetery. It helps me to remember that “Freedom is never Free”.

100_2255100_2256100_2254100_2242100_2253100_2252100_2251100_2250100_2249100_2248100_2247100_2246100_2245100_2244100_2243Memorial Names from World War II100_2240100_2239100_2238100_2237100_2236100_2235100_2234100_2233100_2232100_2231100_2230100_2229100_2228100_2227100_2226100_2225100_2224100_2223100_2222100_2221100_2220100_2219100_2218100_2217Punchbowl National Cemetery100_2215100_2213100_2212100_2210100_2209100_2208100_2207100_2206100_2205100_2204100_2203100_2202100_2201100_2200100_2199100_2198100_2197100_2196100_2195

About the Author

Stan Cromlish was born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina. He has always had a fascination with history and historical facts; especially The Great Depression and World War II. Recently he was given the correspondence of his grandfather and grandmother, and those artifacts along with a collection of pictures have given him an urge to put to paper the story of the Cromlish and Suggs families.

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