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Arizona Memorial Visit – December 5, 2016

Today I visited the USS Arizona Memorial and was overwhelmed with pride and sadness at the thought of so many young men entombed in the remains of a once proud and mighty ship. There was a reverence I felt when walking around the memorial and I have to admit I choked up when a survivor of the attacks on Pearl Harbor spoke of his experiences that day.  I took pictures of the entire experience and you can view those in the slideshow.

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I do not know how you cannot be changed after viewing the sacrifice of those members of the Greatest Generation in all theaters of conflict during World War II.

About the Author

Stan Cromlish was born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina. He has always had a fascination with history and historical facts; especially The Great Depression and World War II. Recently he was given the correspondence of his grandfather and grandmother, and those artifacts along with a collection of pictures have given him an urge to put to paper the story of the Cromlish and Suggs families.

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  1. Bobby Brown - Reply

    Stanley, you are doing great. You have all the skills, talents, and desire to produce some fine work with pen and paper. You also know how to get it to the folks by the internet. I am very excited for you and what you are heading to accomplish.
    your good friend, brown

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