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Wake-Up Call! Part One

As my generation ages, we watch friends and family face different health scares but never expect anything to happen to us. On July 6, 2017, I went to the doctor to figure out if an old rodeo injury was causing the wrist pain that I was experiencing. Well, come to find out, the wrist had a bone spur rubbing against a nerve and causing the pain I was experiencing. While there, we decided to catch up on some overdue blood work and the only issue expected would be elevated cholesterol numbers. Well, imagine my surprise, when the numbers came back, and my cholesterol was normal, but my blood glucose was through the roof. Type 2 diabetes had just reared its ugly head and became the elephant in the room for someone who loves good food in all its sultry and savory varieties. Fried foods, heavy desserts, and most things delicious were my guilty pleasures. All my favorite meals and beverages along with my identity had now come under fire because of a medical diagnosis.…

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